Maintenance on KVM2 - Montreal, QC

There will be planned required maintenance being performed on our (KVM2) Montreal, QC KVM VPS server.

Expected downtime: 1 hour

Expected time frame: 1am-2am Sunday, November 29th 2020

After the maintenance is performed, bandwidth will be upgraded from 250Mbps to 500Mbps.

26th Nov 2020
40+ Dedicated Servers Added

We've added 40+ dedicated servers that you can now deploy in our Miami, New York, or Los Angeles data centers. These servers deploy within 24 hours and are configurable.

Check out for more details.

30th Oct 2018
2 New Australian & Canadian VPS Locations Available

Coming in mid September 2018, we will be bringing online two brand new nodes. One will be hosted in Sydney, Australia - providing 250Mbps connection, with premium stability. We are also adding a new VPS node to our Montreal, QC location.

4th Sept 2018